The River Tay Fisheries

Salmon Fishing

Salmon fishing is the most important fishery on the River Tay and its tributaries. Salmon are fished for throughout the length of the Tay from Perth upstream including all the major tributaries.

Today nearly all the fishing is by recreational angling but historically there was a big commercial fishery. Salmon angling on the Tay is a significant contributor to the local economy.

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Sea trout fishing

Compared to some other rivers sea trout fishing in the Tay is of much lesser importance to salmon. The Tay itself has only a modest sea trout run. The best tributary for sea trout is the River Earn, which historically has been an excellent sea trout river.

Brown trout fishing

The Tay and its tributaries have good stocks of wild brown trout which support a significant but perhaps underutilised fishery. Some enthusiasts rate parts of the Tay amongst the best wild trout waters in Britain.


Grayling were introduced to the Tay at the end of the nineteenth century and have since spread through the main river and the larger tributaries including the Earn. Winter grayling fishing is popular in many areas, again especially on the Earn.

Coarse fish

A number of coarse fish species including pike, perch and roach exist within the district. Most fishing for these species takes place in certain lochs as opposed to in the rivers themselves.

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Photo of anglers holding a large salmon

The River Tay is one of the best salmon fishing rivers in the British Isles

A sea trout

Sea trout are an important but undervalued resource


The Tay has some of the best wild brown trout fishing in the country, but this also has been undervalued.


A nice grayling

The Tay is one of the best grayling fisheries in Scotland




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